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Learn all there is to know about what the gift of sleep can do for your family, what it’s like to hire a sleep consultant to help you along the way, and feel confident that sleep doesn’t have to be a dream...

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Every parent craves more time in their day. Not just more time to catch up on dishes or that growing pile of laundry but that oh so important sanity saving "me time." 

That's what Emily has given us. It used to take up to three hours to get our little beast into bed which meant that by 11 we were exhausted and were falling into bed shortly after him. Now, he's in bed by 7:30 and we magically have three and a half glorious kid free hours to catch up on chores and do things we want. It's amazing.  Thanks Em


My 18 month old baby wasn’t getting his sleep and now has stamina to get to the end of the day without tears (that includes me)! Now my husband and I are sleeping better with Emily’s help. When I had baby #2, the one thing I was dreading was the extreme sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn. However it is a great feeling to know our newborn is already off to a great start with sleep. Thank you Emily for making a difference in our family’s well-being and the rest we thought we would never get. 


Working with Emily was honestly life changing. Prior to our meeting, we were rocking our 10 month old to sleep for every (short) nap and every night, only for her to wake up in 2-3 hours ready for us to start the process again. Emily worked with us to create a plan that we were comfortable with and it worked.  We no longer meet sleep time with dread or anxiety as we now know our baby has the ability to fall asleep easily on her own. Sleep can be such a gift – thank you Emily for helping us all get this gift back in our lives!


My baby was 10 months old when I decided to consult Emily for sleep training. I was constantly tired, lacked energy to do anything and was very agitated from extreme sleep deprivation. Putting my baby to sleep every night felt like we were going to war with each other. Not to mention, my baby would wake up every hour or two throughout the night and we would have repeat the same cycle again. Thank you Emily for saving my life! It was one of the best investments that I have made because my baby has learned healthy sleep habits and can now sleep 12 hours straight at night. I saw great improvement by day 3 of Emily’s sleep training program. By day 7, my baby was already sleeping through the night without my intervention. Emily was very professional, detailed, supportive and responded in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Emily for those who would like to sleep train their baby.


She is such a great sleeper now! I'm so grateful for Emily's help. Now that she naps in her crib, I have so much extra time in my day. Highly recommend reaching out to Emily for help. She is knowledgeable, patient, understanding and encouraging.