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Hello! I’m Emily. Sleep Consultant for your Little Ones.

For the love of sleep...

Whether you are toting a belly full of baby love, snuggling your sweet newborn, cherishing your cheeky toddler, or watching your child grow into their own person...SLEEP CAN BE CHALLENGING. 

Been there, done that. I get it! I’m a grateful mother of 3 boys, and yes, they sleep through the night. But there was a time, I was at my wit’s end trying to figure out how to get such sleepy little people to fall asleep and stay asleep. Perhaps just as you are doing now, I’ve bounced and swayed around the room to eternal midnight songs. I memorized all the squeaks and creeks of the bedroom floor- I have hopped, dodged, rolled and slithered only to have my sweet babies waking up one more time. Sleep was a dream. Sleepless was my reality. But one day, just like where you may be at now, we said, “Let’s be done with that. Let’s move on from this. We need SLEEP.”

Sleep makes sense...

It is important for our little ones to understand that sleep is a warm comfortable place to put tired feelings to rest so they can wake up in the morning feeling happy, refreshed, and ready for a new day. It was demanding for my little ones to be the best version of themselves without sleep, but I realized how unfair it was to expect myself to be the best version of me as well! We all need sleep.  

My passion is to get families sleeping. It is amazing to know your baby is getting good, quality, consolidated sleep! But sleep is for the entire family. To love sleep. To wake up happy.

Bedtime Buttercup’s Sleep Mission...

My mission is to empower women in motherhood, equip parents with sleep education, and provide an approach that is personal and unique to your baby to get the family sleeping through the night.


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You can say “So long, sleepless!”

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