Bedtime Buttercup

Love Sleep. Wake up Happy. | Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Bedtime Buttercup

Love Sleep. Wake up Happy. | Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Welcome and sleep awhile.

Wherever you are on your sleepless journey, I will meet you there- whether you are belly full of baby, loving on your sweet sleepless newborn at 3AM, pondering what sleep training entails as you bounce your baby through the night, powering through your day with your cheeky toddler who refuses to nap, or battling bedtime routines with your spirited child. Let’s journey into sleep.

Bedtime Buttercup is committed to providing an approach that is personal and unique to the child and family to get everyone in the house sleeping again. Through sleep education, customized sleep plans, and ongoing support, your little one will develop healthy sleep skills they need to put their tired feelings to bed, love sleep, and wake up happy.

Begin your Sleep Journey wherever you are

Hi there! I’m Emily Arahata.

I am a Pediatric Sleep Consultant  and the Founder of Bedtime Buttercup, providing and working together with families across Alberta to help your little ones to sleep through the night. 

Whether you are in Lethbridge, Calgary, Airdrie, Red Deer, Edmonton, or around and in-between, I will meet you on your journey to sleep. 

It’s bedtime, Buttercup.

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Bedtime Buttercup

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